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SOMOS Integral Wellness Retreat: New website now live!

July 5, 2015


We had a fun little party last night to celebrate my birthday and the launch of the brand new website for our upcoming business and life project in Mexico. Of course there are still a lot more details to come, since we are still living in Montreal and searching for real estate in San Miguel de Allende.  We hope […]

All New Website, New Blog, and Big News…

June 22, 2015


Big news and big changes! Over the past year or so, final plans have been coming together for a permanent move to Mexico. Get the full update – and subscribe to the new blog – here. Its essential that you subscribe if you want to stay up to date on my new projects and how you […]

Winter travel plans 2014-2015

December 6, 2014


Mexico; Riviera Maya, Yucatan Peninsula: Dec 22 – Feb 5 Montreal; taking clients: Feb 6 – March 15 Spain; March 16 – May 10 (unconfirmed) I will be in Mexico exploring the Yucatan peninsula from Dec 22 2014 until Feb 5 2015. We are opening a wellness retreat center in the next couple of years […]

An Honest Answer About Protein Shakes

September 8, 2014


An Honest Answer About Nutrition/Protein Shakes: Question: Pierre, I’d like your professional opinion about this product…is it good or crap? My Response: I have many concerns with this product, and the ocean of similar products out there.  I don’t mean to single out this particular product – there really are so, so many […]

Meal Replacement not Life Replacement: Questions about Soylent

May 23, 2014


I’m a big proponent of convenient nutritional supplementation when it truly contributes to one’s life and health.  This might include a wide variety of shakes, smoothies, portable snacks, and prepared foods. People keep asking me about Soylent.  Their creepy “promotional” video when you arrive at the Soylent website could easily be something from a science fiction movie. […]

Change of Winter Travel Plans

December 21, 2013


2014 travel plans – Correction/Change of Plans:   I will now be in Chiang Mai, Thailand from Jan 20th to May 10th 2014 to study.  I am in Montreal and accepting clients until Jan 19th. While away, I will be readily available online for my established clients, including video call sessions. I will also be accepting […]

Successful Black Foods Dinner…

November 16, 2013


I recently held a draw for a full course gourmet Japanese black foods dinner – all my own recipes, prepared and served by me. Most ancient traditional health systems, traditional Chinese medicine in particular, hold naturally black foods in particularly high regard for special health enhancing benefits. These unique foods were often reserved for the […]

Winter 2014 Travel Plans and more…

November 3, 2013


Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a happy and healthy autumn! Getting prepared for winter… I hope you are adapting well to the season and building up your resistance for winter. For many people, the reflex when it gets colder is to indulge in more caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and low quality fats and carbs. On […]

Science Toward the New Secular Spirituality

September 16, 2013


More science on spirituality (no religion required): TED TALKS: Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend I think this video uses pure science to illuminate the foundations of leading a spiritual life.  The conclusion: Stress is NOT harmful when you have community, love, and a sense of purpose! Social support and a sense of […]

Information Overload and Health Inaction – Standing Still in the Quicksand of Choice

August 16, 2013


Are Too Many Conflicting Ideas on Health Getting you Stuck in Non-Action? The biggest modern day threat to your successful integration of any action plan toward improved health and happiness is information overload!  So many great intentions become dissolved in the ocean of infinite information we are now exposed to – primarily via the internet. For […]