An Honest Answer About Protein Shakes

Posted on September 8, 2014


An Honest Answer About Nutrition/Protein Shakes:


Pierre, I’d like your professional opinion about this product…is it good or crap?

My Response:

I have many concerns with this product, and the ocean of similar products out there.  I don’t mean to single out this particular product – there really are so, so many that are equally or much more crappy on the market, so please think about all these issues discussed here if you are taking any kind of powdered meal replacement, protein, or nutrition supplement:

– These products are definitely processed, fractioned, fake, industrial foods, not whole healthy foods. It’s a trick. It’s basically flour and chemicals.  Image

– Nutrients added into these products are chemically isolated nutrients, not whole food sourced nutrients. Many chemically isolated nutrients are synthetic, toxic, and/or cause other nutritional imbalances. Nutrients function best within a naturally occurring whole food matrix.

– Products contain added caffeine. Why? So that you’ll believe this stuff gives you “energy”!

– Contains artificial sweeteners – a huge red flag for a garbage “health” product.

– Contains fractioned garbage industrial “foods” like “maltodextrin” and fillers.

– Contains whey, which is sold as a protein supplement but has all the immune dis-modulating and inflammatory (these factors underlie most major disease) constituents of milk with only about 15-25% protein, the remainder being almost entirely carbohydrate.  It’s essentially a garbage, processed, industrial by-product of the terrible milk industry.  (Plain old lentils are far superior to whey protein in every way, and so are many other common whole foods.)

– Contains seemingly random medicinal herbs: Good for who? In what season? For which constitutional type? For which heath issues??? There are very, very few medicinal herbs that should be taken all the time by everyone.

– Food/plant sourced ingredients such as herbs and fish oil, must have some reference to quality. (For example; fish oil must be wild caught or organic to be safe and must specify the kind of fish used, or its very likely you are getting a poisonous industrial garbage by-product, like perhaps the heat-extracted oil of random farmed fish. This is not just about low quality, but may be actually dangerous to your health.)

– Pyramid marketing and people bragging about making tons of money selling the product:  If people selling it are making a lot of money with it, the product is not very good value in itself. It must be overpriced so someone can make a lot of money. Would you buy a product if you knew it only cost $3 to make, but was selling for $45, just so the middle man could make $42??? That’s the case with so many of these miracle health products and pyramid marketing sales schemes. I personally don’t believe in that paradigm when it comes to food and supplements. I believe that high quality foods, herbs, and supplements should be as accessible as possible to everyone, not sold as an elitist luxury product unless the real value of the product it concomitant.

– The dead giveaway: The sales pitch trademarked line is “The Shake Mix That Tastes Like A Cake Mix!” Run! Run! Run the hell away from products like this!


I work with my clients to determine the best meal replacements, prepared foods, and convenient snacks to optimize health in a way that fits individual lifestyle. Parallel to this, I seek to joyfully connect people to real food, its origins, the environment, and the human aspect of eating.


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