Winter 2014 Travel Plans and more…

Posted on November 3, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a happy and healthy autumn!

Getting prepared for winter…
I hope you are adapting well to the season and building up your resistance for winter.
For many people, the reflex when it gets colder is to indulge in more caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and low quality fats and carbs. On top of this we tend to get less exercise and want to sleep more or hibernate in front of the TV. All of this erodes our physical and emotional wellbeing and makes it more difficult to meet the challenges of our harsh winters.
Now is the time to be eating more spices like ginger and garlic as well as more healthy, warming, and nourishing cooked foods like soups and stews. Maintaining good exercise habits will also keep your mood and your immunity in top form.

2014 travel plans..

Correction/Change of Plans:  I will now be in Chiang Mai, Thailand from Jan 20th to May 8th 2014 to study.  I am in Montreal and accepting clients until Jan 19th.I will be readily available online for my established clients, including video call sessions.

I will also be accepting clients in person in Thailand.
I will be back in Montreal on May 8, 2014.

Book a session before I leave…

If you or anyone you know would like an appointment before I go, now is the time.
If you’d like to stay up to date on what i’m doing, please sign up for my blog. (You won’t get any spam, and I never blog more than once a week.)

Reishi by popular demand…
Due to popular demand, I will be placing one final Reishi supplement order from my supplier in Hong Kong before I leave. Many of you are already familiar with this superb product, or perhaps I have recommended it to you in the past but you have not tried it yet. This is the very best Reishi product I have ever found in a capsule form, in


almost 15 years of working with medicinal mushrooms and taking them personally. This is a six strain formula with a broad range of effects you can profoundly feel. I sell very few products – i’m not a store and my work is primarily about working with people directly, not selling supplements. I think that this particular supplement, however, is worth going out of my way to make available to my family, friends, and clients at near wholesale prices. It’s $225 for a bottle of 500 capsules. For those who have not tried the product yet, I am willing to make available sample bottles of 100 capsules for $45. (the standard dosage is 4 capsules per day.)  Just be sure to get your order in by Sunday, November 24th!  All orders for this product need to paid in advance at the time of ordering.

Gift Certificates…
Is there someone you know who you would like to see happier, healthier, fitter, and living more of their full potential? This might be the perfect gift. I can provide gift certificates for a fixed amount, or for a complete first session. Special offer: If you are giving a gift certificate for the upcoming holiday season, the receiver will probably not be able to use it until I return in the spring. To make up for this i’m offering certificates for a complete first session (2 hours, plus the written Action Plan, regularly $225) for half price – only $112! Gift certificates can be purchased in person or conveniently mailed to you if you pay by PayPal or Interac email transfer. Get yours now.

I also want to take the time right now to wish you the best during the upcoming holiday season and a happy new year.
Thanks again for all your support – and I hope to see you soon!
Pierre Black

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