Information Overload and Health Inaction – Standing Still in the Quicksand of Choice

Posted on August 16, 2013


Are Too Many Conflicting Ideas on Health Getting you Stuck in Non-Action?
The biggest modern day threat to your successful integration of any action plan toward improved health and happiness is information overload!  So many great intentions become dissolved in the ocean of infinite information we are now exposed to – primarily via the internet. For every single “truth” there is an opposing “truth” if you look hard enough!
So many clients come to me, pay me for my time and expertise, only to go home and mix and match the recommendations I make against a tidal wave of competing ideas; some good, some bad: That new diet, this new theory, so-and-so’s perfect health program, this new miracle herb, that ancient spiritual practice…  Total distraction is the sign of the times.
To make matters worse, somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind is the secret hope for that ONE pill, herb, or treatment that will effortlessly cure all ills. Alas, life takes effort!  And health in the broadest sense is complex, dynamic, and multifactorial.
Confused_PersonChoose ONE program and stick with it.  This way you systematically test each approach, each program, and can determine what really works for you.  I’m not implying that you should choose my approach and only my approach, but please, please, whatever you do – don’t mix and match.
Sadly, after a great session with a client and a very clear cut course of action I often get letters that go something like this:

Hi Pierre,

Ive been doing a few of the things you recommended for the past week. My skin issues have not yet improved.  I think I will have to cut dairy out completely, as you suggested. Do you think taking all 3 of the supplements you recommended could help? I haven’t started them all yet. I’m only taking one of the three you recommended, and not every day so far.  I’m having trouble remembering to take them.

I read this article, does it make sense? They say to go vegan, stand on my head twice a day, and avoid foods starting with the letter E.  http://www.blahblah.moot.

You say I can eat nuts, but I found another article that says nuts are bad for my condition.  What’s up with that?

Is there anything else I could try?




A good guideline is: don’t look for new things to do/try until you have done everything that I have recommended first.

Doing it all together will get you the best results. Everything I suggested, all together, will help with everything going on with you – your total health picture. It’s not like taking an Advil for a headache.  It is a truly holistic approach and based on constitution, genetics, and specific symptoms.  You have had these symptoms for a few years, so it might take some time to undo them.

The supplements and food changes you are asking about are necessary and primary recommendations for creating improvement, not a bunch of random maybes.  One of these changes, done alone, is not likely to be 100% effective on it’s own.

You are welcome to get advice elsewhere, but I am not a sounding board for any random ideas you might find on the internet.  If you choose to ignore most of my suggestions, you have wasted your money and my time.

I do my best to choose approaches that are doable and affordable for each individual.  If you try them and do not find them to be doable, for whatever reason, I will always have some alternatives for you.   That doesn’t mean you have to do every single thing I suggest either. If you really don’t enjoy something, or if something really seems to aggravate your symptoms, lets work together to resolve it. But please don’t mix and match.

If you look hard enough and long enough you will find conflicting information on any subject, food, diet, program, nutrient, supplement… Choose a cohesive program put together by a source you trust and stick with it. Even if you don’t follow mine – choose one plan of action and follow through.

I challenge you to follow through on the whole program.  At the very least, you will know for sure if it really works.  If follow through 100%, and you don’t get the results you are hoping for, at least you can dismiss my ideas completely and simply move on!images-1

Whatever you do, don’t get stuck in inaction and indecision! I am eager to get you on all the supplements and new habits and see what happens!  If you are having trouble following through, i’m here for you!  Follow up sessions are sometimes needed to integrate new habits – this is just part of the journey.

My most sincere intention is to teach you how to build and maintain whole health on your own – not just temporarily improve your symptoms.  This can only happen if you give my suggestions a real shot.

I know you can do it!

Pierre Black


I believe that true health is not only the absence of disease,
but also the continuous cultivation of one’s sense of
joy, peace, wisdom, presence, and resilience.

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