Following Through on Positive Change

Posted on November 8, 2012


Many of you have found my written action plan a little overwhelming. This is the personalized plan I provide to most clients after our first session together. I have only done my job well if I can move you to action.

When you decide to consult a professional on any aspect of well-being there is a big difference between contemplation and action. Most likely the first session with a wellness professional is focussed on contemplation; the question being:

“What should I be doing?”
“What should I be doing to move toward better health and happiness?”
Once we determine what to do, many people stop right here in the contemplation phase. ”I know what I should be doing, but…” Something stops us. Will it be worth the effort? Will I feel a sense of loss in the changes I make? Will these actions really get me the changes I want? Can I stick with it? Am I afraid of failure?  

Information overload.
Another major reason we get stuck in contemplation is that we have too many choices.  The internet and other sources can be a source of too many conflicting possibilities that get us bogged down in contemplation.  

Practice focus.  
Choose a goal, action, or program toward positive change and stick with it.  Resisting the distraction of information overload is a skill we need to keep in practice.

The ACTION phase is key here.
How does one enter the action phase in any process of personal change? Some lucky and exceptional people seem to be able to just move directly to the action phase. For most of us, however, it’s not quite that simple. There are bumps in the road. There’s a learning curve. There is a constant mental process of balancing pleasure, comfort, and habit today, against theoretical victories in the future.

That’s where I come in.
I’m not just here to give you a pile of information about what you should do, but to help you move from mere contemplation into action. I’m here to help you fully integrate the changes you know you should make, in a systematic manner, truly integrating positive change, and moving your entire being to a more vital and joyful state.

The written action plan
that I provide to most clients after the very first session is a personalized ”first-draft” blueprint for your success, an outline of the changes that are most likely to get you where you want to go. Many of you have found all this information little overwhelming. What if every single recommendation is something completely new to you? What if some of the most important key recommendations seem impossible to you? I realize there is a lot of information here and I do not expect everyone to be able to simply go off by themselves and do it. I know from personal experience that moving toward wellness is a journey on which we sometimes need help along the way.

You don’t have to do it alone.
My life has been a series of accomplishments that I at one time considered unthinkable or impossible. Or at least impossible for me at the time. I was just not that guy. A few of these accomplishments are pretty substantial, but many of these accomplishments might seem totally insignificant to others, but they were huge for me. When I wanted something, and I wasn’t getting it done on my own, I called in a skilled helper who could help me get the job done!

What is it that your not doing that you wish you were?

I challenge you today to fully commit to one change you have been wanting to make.

And if you hit a rough spot, a bump in the road, ask for help.

Continue the journey.


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