Making Sense of Nutritional Supplementation

Posted on October 20, 2012


I’m not a store, and i’m not a great salesman.  My work is primarily about providing good sound advice.  My goal when it comes to supplementation is to help my friends, family, and clients navigate the confusing ocean of supplements you face in stores and on the internet.  I am also a consumer of these products, and I have always valued high quality products that are fairly priced.  But how do you tell what’s what?  I can help you avoid wasting time and money, or possibly even harming yourself with the most common supplement pitfalls:

1. Overpricing.  If someone tried to charge you $20 for a standard commercial chocolate bar, you would probably know better.  Unfortunately when it comes to supplements, many people don’t know better.  And it’s not your fault.  We are all trying to do our best to live better and live longer.  We’ve all heard about the latest food to fear or the latest miracle health food, and companies that are selling “health foods” and supplements know this.  They also know you don’t know what it’s supposed to cost, and you don’t know what cheaper, equally good options exist.

2. Hyperbole.  Also known as inflated claims about a product.  Hyped-up products are almost always overpriced as well.  There are many products, the worst offenders are often those sold online, that are marketed as virtual cure-all’s.  Some of these products do have some benefit, while others have none whatsoever.  The truth is that it is very, very rare that someone will dramatically change their life and radically improve their health in the long term with supplementation alone.  Supplements work in tandem with changes in thinking, behaviour, life choices, and inputs.(Inputs like food, pollution, drugs, contaminants, cosmetics, water, etc.)

3. Low quality.  When we think of quality problems with supplements we most likely will think of the obvious ones like hygiene or contamination problems in manufacturing.  More often it’s about other less obvious failures in quality like the chemical form a nutrient is sold as or the potency of an herbal product.  A shocking number of vitamins and minerals in commercial supplements are supplied in a chemical form that the body cannot use at all.   Interestingly, this is completely legal, and so there is no action that can be taken to resolve the issue other than to get informed and choose wisely.  With many herbal products the potency of the raw herb is so low, or the extraction so dilute, that the medicinal value is entirely lost.

Professional Supplement Review

I help my clients optimize their supplement regimen for their individual needs based on specific health goals, health profile, innate constitution, and genetics. Let me help you make sense of the often confusing ocean of supplements, fad diets, and exotic foods on the market – making use of the best ones for you – while avoiding the many useless, overpriced, or potentially harmful ones.  I’m not here to sell you supplements.  About 95% of the supplements I suggest to my clients will be obtained from a regular health food store or perhaps ordered online.  I will tell you the truth about what’s what, and in some cases may make certain essential and exceptional supplements available to you.

If you are not taking any supplements, and like most of us your diet isn’t perfect, you might want to consider starting.  Proper nutrition goes way beyond the so-called essential nutrients.  What we should seek is to build true health, resilience, and longevity.  Even if you diet is pretty good, consider that nutrient levels in food are going down in most cases (due to processing, soil depletion, industrial farming techniques, etc.) while toxic inputs are constantly going up (pollution, radiation, toxic household products and cosmetics, pesticides and other agri-chemicals, etc).  I can help you get the right nutrient protection in the form that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

If you are taking a lot of supplements, or have a lot of products hanging around the house unused, consider scheduling an appointment with me for a personalized supplement review.  Don’t forget to bring all the containers with you.  Many of my clients end up taking fewer supplements as a result of this session while also noticing that they feel better.  Supplement overload is a common modern affliction!

My Supplement Ethic: Back to Nature

By my definition supplements may include; concentrated nutrients, concentrated foods, functional foods, herbs, minerals, and herb or food extracts.

There was a time when it was in vogue to talk about “pharmaceutically pure” nutrients and “drug-grade” manufacturing, and “nutrition experts” loved the fact that modern science could chemically synthesize vitamins in a lab or completely isolate a single nutrient from food.  This approach for the most part has failed miserably at building true health.

Whole-food and whole-herb nutrition and therapeutics offer your body the complete, dynamic, & fully complex natural matrices that healthy human beings have co-evolved with over millennia.

My Exclusive Selection of Supplements and Super-Foods

My purpose here is to make a few essential and exceptional products more available to my friends family, and clients.  It is my intention to provide value with these products by offering them at a lower price than stores.  As I said before, I’m not a store, and i’m not a salesman, so the very few supplements I make available to my clients are chosen with careful intention and purpose, for your health and mine.


Organic, Affordable, Fair Trade Superfoods by Organic Traditions

Now I offer the entire Organic Traditions line of organic and fairly traded super-foods and traditional herbals in a dried and/or powdered form; perfect for smoothies, snacks, or to enhance your cooking. This is a more cost effective means to integrate these highly nutritive, healing, and protective superfoods. (I also can also make available all the other products from Advantage Health Canada. Be sure to browse their entire website.)


Purica: Organic Medicinal Mushrooms, Made in Canada

  I am also excited to offer the full line of Purica supplements, organic and made in Canada, including their medicinal mushroom line featuring their superb Cordyceps (real profound energy), Reishi, and exclusive blend – Immune 7x (serious broad-spectrum immunomodulation).


Intelligent Snacking Made Easy: Taste of Nature Bars. I only sell one snack product because it’s the best one I know of; Real Whole Super-Food, 100% certified organic ingredients, non-GMO, Low-Glycemic-Index, Gluten Free. The stuff i’m always talking about! I sell these by the case only so you save money. More than 12 distinct flavors so you won’t get bored!


New Chapter Products, Top of The Line Supplementation

For a few years now I have been distributing New Chapter’s superb line of food-sourced nutritional supplements and herbal extracts in pill form. Although the New Chapter line is the best I have found for these specific product varieties, with my heavily discounted price, many of my clients find these superb but higher-end products worth the expense.


Wild Ling Zhi / Reishi and Yun Zhi 

Specialized and Exclusive Herbals Imported From Hong Kong

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