The Deep Theta Experience

Posted on September 10, 2012


The Deep Theta Experience is a new type of session I’m offering my clients. It is an opportunity to explore the unique healing pathway and profound relaxation offered by the deep theta brain frequency range, the brain-state of expert meditators. In these sessions, I will help you achieve this state through a combination of brainwave altering soundtracks, aroma, touch, breath, and energy work. The deep theta state connects your conscious mind to your subconscious and allows you to access a place of physical healing, dynamic resolution, expansive creativity, and psychic release.

My intention is to make this experience accessible to more people; those who might not normally consider something like this or those with limited finances. For two lucky clients per week I will be offering this unique 1.5 hour session at half price – only $60. (regularly $120)  Book now.

States of stress primarily involve the beta range of brain frequencies.  In these states, stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released. These hormones are harmful in excess. Digestion, assimilation, and elimination are impeded; tissue repair, immunity, glycemic and inflammatory modulation are all negatively impacted.  What does this really mean?  Most major degenerative diseases, so called “diseases of lifestyle”, and diseases of aging are predicated on these factors: dysmodulation of immunity, inflammation, glycemia, and acid/alkali balance.

In not adequately managing stress, we train our brains toward anxiety, hypervigilance, sadness, obsessive thinking, and other dysfunctions; over-training the brain and nervous system much in the same way we might over-train a muscle group.  When we over-train toward chronic stress and discontent instead of training toward presence, self-knowledge and joy,  we have created an imbalance which will eventually result in an experience of ill health, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

Relaxation should be part of every day.  True relaxation is a measurable brain state; the theta brain state allows the best assimilation of nutrients and body tissue repair, as well as the greatest reduction in the production of health-damaging stress hormones.  Most modern city dwellers do not spend nearly enough time in the theta brain frequency range.

Meditation or Skilled Relaxation in various forms have been used throughout history for their positive effects on overall health and sense of well-being.  Prayer, mantra, chanting, and meditation are only a few of many names used across time and culture, for techniques with essential similarities: an increase in parasympathetic neural activity with movement toward theta range frequencies. These effects are often immediate and scientifically measurable.  This confers far reaching effects on all aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual health. One experiences a more relaxed, healing, and creative state in which excessive analytical thinking quiets, physiological stress patterns in the body calm, conflicts and traumas resolve, nutrients are better assimilated, and the body repairs itself more efficiently.

Low-Theta is the brain frequency achieved by experienced meditators and in conscious-dreaming during deeply relaxed states (not to be confused with lucid dreaming, which involves delta frequencies – true sleep).   Spending more time in the low-theta brainstate promotes creative, personal and spiritual insights that cannot be achieved in other brainstates.  Most people spend little or no time in this state.

The unique Deep Theta Experience is intended to be a relaxing and pleasurable primer to enable more frequent access to the beneficial low-theta brain state,  and as a pathway to the confluent benefits; improved overall well-being; body, mind, and spirit.

Book now.  2 sessions per week will be made available for only $60.  First come first serve.  One discounted session per client. Regular cost $120.

This is a one-on-one personalized session.  The session involves 15 minutes of preparatory discussion, 1 hour of treatment fully dressed in comfortable clothing on a massage table, and 15 minutes of follow-up discussion and counsel.  Please bring your own ear buds or headphones for sound.  This is the only type of session I offer that is purely for the experience and does not require a pre-existing file or documentation.  Choose as a first session or as a follow up session.

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