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Posted on March 4, 2012


To Cleanse or not to Cleanse?

Question: Hi Pierre. What in your opinion is the safest and most effective colon cleanse?

Answer: A proper diet based on your constitution is the best colon cleanse! If you are not eliminating properly, it means there is something wrong with your diet. Exercise is also essential. Here I follow the axiom, “what you do most of the time is more important than what you do some of the time.” Eat well everyday, or take supplements to compensate, then you won’t need a colon cleanse! The most obvious cause is inadequate fiber intake, too much meat and processed foods. But what if that is not the case? In this “enlightened” era of orthorexia, I see so many people eating spirulina and celery and tofu all winter, too many foods with a very “cold” energy! This can shut down the bowels completely; muddy little ungratifying poops, lots of farting, and that cold, heavy feeling all the time. Instead: Cooked veggies with a diverse abundance of spices, especially the Indian range of flavours (not too spicy-hot though), will wake up a cold, sluggish bowel and get things moving! This of course may be a little different for everyone, and if you’ve been plugged up for a while it could take some time for the bowel to feel really efficient and happy again. Best advice, figure out you constitution and eat the appropriate real (whole, unprocessed) food. If you can’t do that get a fiber supplement. For spectacular results, add herbs or spices to the fiber that are suited to your constitutional type. For a few people it really is spirulina, for others its ginger, or maybe slippery elm – all have different energies and effects. Eating the wrong one will plug you up more. The worst thing ever is something I see all the time: People eating the wrong diet because they’ve been told it’s healthy, and then when they can’t poop they think they are sick or “contaminated” or “intoxicated” somehow, and so they pay fortunes for colonics and herbal cleanses and laxatives, which work initially, but are very exhausting to an already weakened system, and they just keep eating the same bean sprout and seaweed shaving diet that made them sick in the first place. Especially in the winter, most people would benefit from a nice hearty slow cooked curry, some dried or cooked fruit, and beans – lots of beans – cooked properly – pre-soaking your beans is essential for comfortable “fartless” digestion. Any less than one poop daily is not good bowel health. Going more regularly makes for a much happier and healthier you.

Constant Cold Sores

Question: Pierre, I have been backpacking in Mexico for 2 months and have been getting coldsores lately. In the past you have told me that I am Hot/Damp or Kapha/Pitta constitutionally. Any ideas?

Answer: It does add up with your Hot/Damp constitution when aggravated.

Some considerations:

– Are you eating too many hot peppers? If the temp is under +25C you should not really eat hot peppers considering your constitution.

– Hot/Damp major offenders are wheat and dairy.

– Lysine is commonly recommended for coldsores and seems to work for some people. It is generally taken at the first sign of an outbreak. I have had mixed reviews of it’s efficacy, however it is inexpensive and easy to find, and is perhaps worth trying to test your own response.

– Many, many of my clients who regularly use Reishi mushroom get dramatically fewer coldsores as a result.

– There is a dopamine surge that begins when you start to travel or when you have any new, exciting, good-stress experience. This neurotransmitter boosts the immune system, puts you in a great mood, and allows almost superhuman energy levels. You can just go, go, go. Eventually this tapers off and the extra intensity catches up with you. Immunity drops as well. We should be aware of this pattern and notice when we start to lose that dopamine “high”. It typically happens after 2 weeks to 2 months, and can be felt as suddenly having less get-up-and-go. This is the time to relax a little, eat a high quality diet, and protect yourself with immune boosting herbs.

– There is a new supplement with 7 different medicinal mushrooms that seems to work wonders. It has Reishi and Cordyceps and 5 other med mushrooms. So far this winter people who take it simply don’t get sick while on it. Or get cold sores. Including myself. While this is the intended benefit of this supplement, i’m not implying that you will never, ever get sick again. Just a very promising powerful supplement that I personally use and recommend. The difference between this and supplements boost immunity short term such as echinacea or astragalus (which should not be used long-term), is that these mushrooms can and should be taken longterm, balancing the whole system more and more over time, rather than simply stimulating an unsustainable short term immune response like many better-known immunity herbs.

Note: Unfortunately people wait until there are symptoms or until they are so frustrated by the recurrence or chronicity of those symptoms that they seek natural solutions and lifestyle change out of frustration or desperation. I strongly recommend the long-term building of immunity through a balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, and a personalized approach to herbs and supplements. I favor this approach over treatment of acute symptoms.

(I sell very few supplements, however I do offer Purica products, as well as a superb Reishi product from Honk Kong. My purpose in distributing a very select line of products is to make the very best supplements more accessible to my friends, family, and clients. My goal is to find products of truly exceptional quality and offer them at a lower price than stores, directly to you, by special order only.)

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