Paths to Healing: Sex, Drugs, and Tibetan Bowls?

Posted on November 11, 2011


Tibetan Sound Healing in Montreal
“Tibetan bowls are ancient instruments. Their usage is dated back to Bronze age in China some 3,000 years ago.

The sound of Tibetan bowls carries a very powerful vibration that induces the brain waves to synchronize to the frequency of the sound, immediately the body and mind feel relaxed, the respiratory and heart rates slow down, one feels a deep sense of well-being.”

I experienced Tibetan Sound Healing with Grace for the first time only recently and was pleasantly surprised. I experiment with a lot of healing techniques, and think it is important to discern between placebo, incidental effect, and real heath effects. ‘Soft’ therapies that promote natural equilibrium and the body’s innate regenerative abilities are often criticized as unproven or non-specific treatments. I think rather, that such therapies deserve a special position as preventive and supportive therapies.  But the real, raw question is:  does this therapy have any positive effects beyond those achieved by just lying there for an hour relaxing?

The remarkable effect of the Sound Healing session was the very rapid induction of a low-Theta preponderant brain frequency, the most soothing and healing of the conscious brain-states. (I work with brain frequencies a lot in my practice.)Low-Theta states are those achieved and maintained protractedly by expert meditators. These frequencies allow access to the subconscious mind, a great reduction in the production of health damaging stress hormones, as well as optimum healing, tissue regeneration, and detoxification.

On the experiential side, it is a wonderful sensation to feel your bones resonate with the sounds of the bowls. You feel it through your entire body. The pleasurable experience, moderate cost, combined with the unusually rapid access to beneficial brain-states makes this technique definitely worth a look.     (Grace is also a yoga teacher and has a great Nepal blog.)


Sensual and Sexual Healing
We are all born perfect sexual beings until societal norms, family dysfunction or a painful relationship steals or warps our sense of self-acceptance and sexual power. Don’t worry. You can reclaim, heal and awaken your sexual, succulent being. … Gaia can help you navigate the waters, bringing you joy, peace and pleasure. Let her be your healer, your cheerleader and sensual adventure guide along your journey of self-exploration and

I was very pleased to meet Gaia at a conference recently. The natural health world can be so agamous or even sex-negative sometimes, it’s a joy to see someone working directly in this area. Too bad for us that she is based so far away from Montreal. Well, what if I brought her here? Interested? I hope to host Gaia in the spring for some small group presentations, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. Stay tuned…

…a safe non-judgmental and healing environment for individuals and couples to awaken their sexuality through the exploration of their senses. I aim to provide an environment that will promote changes in perspective and feelings about bodies and sexuality. Allowing them to embrace their Inner Sex Goddess and Sex God, promoting a life filled with pleasure, passion, intimacy and connection with the world and their


The Secret Lives of Sacred Plants in Canada

TrancePlants is an organization interested in the traditional use of medicinal and healing incenses in a healing and exploration context. The first goal of TrancePlants is to share the knowledge about these magnificent plants and make them accessible to you, travelers of the universe.”

This site carefully navigates the rules on some of the plants that are currently in a legal gray area under Canadian law. Sadly we live in a society that criminalizes the cultivation, possession, importation and sale of certain plants, and aggressively misregulates others. Hence all the strange euphemisms and disclaimers on this site. I don’t want to get into a full diatribe here on “drug” decriminalization and why it makes so much sense  from the perspectives of harm reduction, public health, social medicine costs, taxation, and global health, fair trade, to mention only a few, but rather I will let a few good articles do it for me! (1/2/3/4/5)

What I am really concerned with here is our right of access to all plants from nature; medicinal, spiritual, edible, and consciousness altering.  I believe that proper information and appropriate commercial regulation should apply, yes, but I believe it is our inalienable right to have access to all the plants offered by nature as we each see fit.  Please use these plants with respect, caution, and careful research from multiple sources.  Let’s keep them accessible through intelligent self regulation.

Nature’s wisdom is infinitely great, much greater than our own individual wisdom. Well used, many plants can help us immensely on our life path, both in physical and spiritual ways.”

Plants depicted; Guarana, Fly Agaric, and Sacred Pink Lotus.


Energy Healing, Sans Mumbo Jumbo

It’s often hard to articulate what happens in an Energy Work or Energy Healing session – for both me and my clients. There is a tendency to want to add a story, an explanation, some mumbo jumbo; a need to create complexity, even supernaturality that is not there, that I think is not necessary.  I don’t even really like the term “Energy …” but I continue to call it that, for lack of a better term, and because my clients seem to know what “It” is.

In my practice the vast majority of what I do works with real substances and real behaviors that have a real, measurable effect on the body.  I am critical of hokey, overblown healing modalities, and strive to clearly define placebo effects against actual effects, magico-religious modalities against the more scientifically stringent.

So what’s with this “Energy Work” stuff then if I’m so scientific?

The branch of philosophy called phenomenology proposes that the human experience is more relevant that what “actually is”. The facts about why you are having an experience are not very important when you are, suppose, immersed in the experience of enjoying a superb meal, or about to jump out of an airplane.  To over-analyze and scrutinize the more profound extremes of the human experience in the moment, while it is happening, I think takes away from the pure experience.

When doing Energy Work, if we listen carefully enough, the body talks.  That’s the human experience of Energy Work.  And we find confirmable and useful truths in the process.  That’s all I’m concerned with in the moment.  For now.

A client of mine wrote this lovely blog after an energy work session that I think describes the experience nicely.

Great job Natalie, thanks very much…

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