Supplements, Superfoods, & Soup Season!

Posted on November 1, 2011


It’s soup season again! As soon as there’s a chill in the air, i’ve always got a pot of soup on the go. Good soup is easy, but a great soup from scratch relies on some essential tricks for building a robust stock (or broth) as your base and then creating a balanced, rich, and satisfying end result. Following a few indispensable rules will allow you to create a great soup using any ingredients at hand and in the flavor range of your choice.

Today i’m giving you my own basic bone stock recipe. Not a complete soup, but more a key ingredient, this is a traditional way of using the whole animal – bones and other scraps from any animal and extracting the unique and valuable nutrition from connective tissues, marrow, and bone itself. A higher quality animal; organic, near-organic, or wild; will provide a healthier and better tasting stock.

Bone-based natural Soup Stock
Using any animal bones, poultry carcass, or fish scraps and heads, I prefer organic or wild options, you can make delicious and versatile super-nutritive soup or cooking stock. Stock can be used as a base for soups, stews, beans, lentils, gravy, and more. The finished stock can be used immediately or stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.
Bones can be raw or pre-cooked (for example a meat-stripped carcass from a roast chicken) and if possible should be broken to expose the marrow. Fish heads can be left whole.
Cover the bones completely with water and add approximately one cup of natural apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of salt for each large pot of bones and water. The measurement need not be exact. Onions, herbs, and spices may be added for taste if desired but making a simple, plain stock leaves you with a more versatile final product.
Bring first to a boil, then immediately turn down to the lowest heat, and cook covered for 3-24 hours on the lowest heat being sure the bones remain well covered by the water and that nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pot. Sticking means that the mixture is too dry and more water should be added. Longer cooking time dissolves more minerals, collagen, and other nutrients and creates a richer stock.
Allow the covered pot to cool until it is an easily handled temperature that won’t burn you. Pour through a fine strainer, saving the liquid stock, and dispose of all solids. Refrigerate, freeze, or consume the stock immediately; treat with the same food safety cautions as any cooked meat product. Refrigerated stock should be used within 3 days. Frozen stock will last at least 6 months.

And this brings me to my “Soup of Life” workshop!
Learn to build a delicious soup from the ground up with no recipe. Learn the basics of a traditional broth and why its worth the effort. Learn why a good soup is real medicine and how to enhance this aspect.
Book your own workshop with me! 4 person minimum, available in vegetarian or non-veg versions, at your home or in my kitchen.
Other food workshop possibilities include:
-Cooking with Beans and Whole Grains.
-Seasonal Eating for Better Health
-Eating For Your Innate Constitution
-Choose your cooking style: Japanese, Indian, Latin…
…or design your own workshop.

Cost is between $20 and $30 per person and includes food. Workshops last 2-3 hours.
Just email or call.

New Supplements and Super-Foods, part of my Exclusive Selection of Products

My purpose in distributing a very select line of products is to make the very best supplements more accessible to my friends, family, and clients. My goal is to find products of truly exceptional quality and offer them at a lower price than stores, directly to you, by special order only.

New Chapter Products, Top of The Line Supplementation

For a few years now I have been distributing New Chapter’s superb line of food-sourced nutritional supplements and herbal extracts in pill form.  Although the New Chapter line is the best I have found for these specific product varieties, even at a heavily discounted price, many of my clients find these superb but higher-end products unaffordable.

Organic, Affordable, Fair Trade Superfoods by Organic Traditions

Now I offer the entire Organic Traditions line of organic and fairly traded super-foods and traditional herbals in a dried and/or powdered form; perfect for smoothies, snacks, or to enhance your cooking. This is a more cost effective means to integrate these highly nutritive, healing, and protective superfoods. (I also can also make available all the other products from Advantage Health.)

Purica: Organic Medicinal Mushrooms, Made in Canada

I am also excited to offer the full line of Purica supplements, organic and made in Canada, including their medicinal mushroom line featuring their superb Cordyceps (real profound energy), Reishi, and exclusive blend – Immune 7x (serious broad-spectrum immunomodulation).

Please take your time to browse the links provided and get familiar with these exceptional and exclusive product lines. Don’t be tempted by chemically isolated nutrients or processed and refined supplemental foods. Whole-food and whole-herb nutrition and therapeutics offer your body the complete, dynamic, & fully complex natural matrices that healthy human beings have co-evolved with over millennia. Order all these products directly from me a greatly reduced prices.

I can help you optimize your diet and supplement regimen for your specific needs based on your preferences, health profile, innate constitution, and genetics. Let me help you make sense of the often confusing ocean of supplements, fad diets, and exotic foods on the market – making use of the best ones for you – while avoiding the many useless, overpriced, or potentially harmful ones.

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