Are Ayurveda and Meditation Religious Practices?

Posted on August 14, 2011


Hi Pierre.

Thanks for submitting your business for inclusion in the directory.

I would be glad to include your listing, but I don’t list businesses that promote the use of religious-oriented techniques (like Ayurveda, which has roots in Hinduism, or meditation, which has roots in Buddhism and similar faiths).

If you can adjust your description to only mention anything non-religious, I’d be happy to include your business.

Thanks, XXXXXX


1. I teach Ayurvedic techniques and Meditation to my clients without religion. I work primarily within a non-theist, secular spirituality framework, not a religious one. I teach a scientific and parallelist approach to distilling ancient spiritual techniques into useful modern day behaviors, all of which have a scientific basis.

2. Ayurveda in it’s modern form is an herbal, dietary, and bodywork system similar to Chinese Medicine or Naturopathy.
Ayurveda is no more linked to Hinduism, than Traditional Chinese Medicine is linked to Buddhism & Daoism, or Naturopathy is linked to Paganism; or Greek medicine, the root of modern biomedicine, is linked to the pantheon of ancient Greek mythology. (I’m curious if you also exclude yoga from your directory since it is originally part of Ayurveda and therefore Hinduism, by your standards?) See more on the history and current state or Ayurveda HERE.

3. Meditation, by definition, has nothing to do with a particular religion, and I specifically avoid teaching it in the context of religion, or even in any strict form. Additionally it’s effects and benefits are scientifically measurable, and also much better documented that those of many other systems you include on the site, like homeopathy for example. These facts are confirmed and expanded upon HERE.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Pierre Black

Unfortunately my response did not change the rejection of my listing.
What do you think? Are Ayurveda and Meditation are religious practices? Leave a comment…

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