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Posted on April 27, 2011


– For those of you who can’t live without REISHI, I am putting together an order NOW from my Hong Kong supplier. For the uninitiated, Reishi is the ultimate protector/balancer mushroom and this particular product is the best I have found in 10 years of personal use. My clients also give me the best feedback on this blend – five strains of wild harvested Reishi in a capsule. (see research)

Cordyceps fungus – coming soon: As many of you know I work a lot with medicinal mushrooms There is some testing happening right now that may make this unique herb more accessible to my friends and clients. Like Reishi, Cordyceps has many subtle long-term protecting and balancing benefits, but it is best known as an all-round energizer without the negative effects of stimulant herbs or caffeine. When I bother to sell any product, it is to facilitate access to the very best quality at a reasonable price, when it really matters. I’m really excited to see more people benefit from the invigorating effects of this important herb.

– Everyone knows I am a big proponent of intelligent snacking as a major key to maintaining a healthy weight and stabilizing energy levels through the day. I recommend food bars made with real whole food (not processed flours, sugar, and chemical vitamins!) as a convenient way to always have a healthy snack on hand. My favorite bars are Nature Bars, a delicious Canadian product made from nuts, seeds, and fruit; and they come in a multitude of flavors so you won’t get bored. Go try them out – If you love this product too, I can order it by the case at a great price!

– And lastly, I need you! Volunteers needed with current infections, bladder infection, urinary tract infection, prostatitis, or yeast infection for FREE natural treatment as case study. Contact me for more information.

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