Spring cleaning already?

Posted on March 30, 2011


It may not feel like it, but spring is here. As the temperature peeks above freezing you can smell it in the air – melting dog poop, car exhaust, and road salt – the sign that spring in Montreal is truly on it’s way!

Actually this is one of the most difficult times of year for many of us. As the winter progresses, many people find themselves craving more caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and fat. Most of us get less sun and less exercise. This leaves us feeling heavy and depleted – right about now.

Now is the time to move forward into an energized spring by:

– eating more fiber, lots of flavorful herbs and spices, and prioritizing nutritious dark green vegetables, beans, and lentils. (tip; be very moderate with hot peppers until summer!)

– cutting back on caffeine, animal fats, alcohol, and refined carbs such as white flour and potatoes. (tip; if you drink coffee, try having tea instead.)

– taking herbs and supplements that detox and stimulate both body and mind. Make sure these are appropriate for this season and your constitutional type! Most green leafy edible herbs and spices are a safe bet for everyone (think Greek/Italian); in a strong tea or mixed generously into food, these will detox and invigorate you whole system. (tip; it’s NOT the right time for fasting or raw food diets!)

– getting outside more and getting some sun on your face. It’s the perfect time to start that class you’ve been putting off or start walking to work…

You’ll feel better sooner if you take action now.

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