Unique Healing Model in North Carolina

Posted on November 26, 2010


Fires Creek Center, Hayesville, North Carolina…
I find the unique approach of this healing center so inspiring – as well as well aligned with my own philosophy toward healing. Life challenges are viewed as an opportunity for personal transformation and conditions that are typically treated with as illness are seen, rather, as processes which lead you to harmony of self. I would strongly recommend this retreat framework especially for those dealing with addiction, PTSD, so-called “nervous breakdown”, “panic disorder” or similar crises.

from their website:
What Is a Transformational Crisis?

A transformational crisis, sometimes known as “spiritual emergency,” is a powerful, challenging time of deep change, either sudden or gradual, that involves the whole being.

It is very different from what we think of as mental illness.

It is often a healing process guided by your own deepest inner wisdom.

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