McGill Study Participants Needed; Plasticizers, Flame Retardants and Male Fertility

Posted on November 21, 2010


(this post has been corrected/modified)
Men 18 – 40 needed, compensation $50.
I recently participated in a McGill university study aimed at determining the effect of common chemical exposures on male fertility. Phthalates and Brominated Flame Retardants are getting a lot of attention in the media lately as potential health risks, however at this time these chemicals are almost impossible for the average person to avoid in daily life.
Participation in the study requires only about 1 hour of your time for which you will receive $50 in compensation. You will have to fill out some questionnaires and be required to provide a sample of your blood and semen. The tests are for existing levels of chemicals in your body. No drugs or chemicals are administered.

Not only will you be participating in important research that may influence legislation on toxic chemicals in the future, but you will also get paid for it.
Contact Lorraine Lavigne at to participate and please tell her I sent you!

(See more on the project here.)

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