Acai “Berry”: Unremarkable, Overpriced, Well Marketed!

Posted on October 26, 2010


I get a lot of questions about Acai berries from clients.
Acai products are expensive and often sold as a magical cure-all, especially for weight loss. Numerous Acai product sellers have been investigated for making outlandish false health claims. In addition the popularization of Acai products internationally is creating environmental and economic imbalances in communities where intensive production occurs.
There is no evidence that Acai “berry” (not a true berry) helps with weight loss directly, or any more than simple good nutrition.
Of course, good, dense, and diverse nutrition IS a factor in good health including weight management.
While Acai fruit does have a decent nutritional profile, this same nutrition is also readily available from almost any other dark fruit or berry, many of which are much less expensive and grow right here in Canada. Blueberries which grow wild here in Quebec and are comparatively cheap, actually have a far superior nutritional profile compared to Acai! Even pomegranates and concord grapes have a better nutrient profile, and are less expensive, grown on our continent, and widely accessible fresh or as juice products.
While there is nothing wrong with consuming Acai fruit as far as your health goes, it may be worth considering that Acai is generally processed, preserved, and then flown to you from for away – all so you can pay a high price for a food that does not possess any special properties compared to fresher, cheaper, locally grown options.
Other “exotic” imported fruits have had similar journey. Goji berry, noni, mangosteen, and many others have been picked up and hyped by savvy marketers. All good foods, yes, but why not spend less and eat our own regional superfoods! Cherries, blackberries, black currants, and blueberries are prime examples.

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