China Update 3: Back in Shanghai

Posted on July 17, 2010


(Very short little updates until I return to Montreal July 21…)

Chengdu and Emei were fascinating, if a little exhausting. The spicy street food in Chengdu made it all worth it and is still delightfully seared into my memory. I am coming home with some incredibly fresh Sichuan peppercorns so I can re-experience their mind-altering, face-anesthetizing pungency at home.
Shanghai is the pinnacle of civilized, cosmopolitan, new-China. It is a blooming moneyed megopolis where glitz and luxury goods extrude, often uncomfortably, through the threadbare “Red”-tape and greying two story infrastructure of its now entirely theoretical Communist face.
There is endless shopping in any price range, both Chinese and foreign “stuff” abound, and often overwhelm.
I was fortunate enough to take a tour of a local hospital where both modern Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine blend almost seamlessly. Watching scrubs-wearing orderlies put together herbal prescriptions in a shiny white hospital basement was a hope-inspiring juxtaposition for me.

Food is the kicker here. Shanghai is exploding with options – and flavor! There are so very many styles of Chinese most of which we never see in Canada. They are all here. You can also find just about any other type of food you can imagine if you look hard enough.

Back in a few days…

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