China Update 2: Chengdu and Emei Mountain

Posted on July 7, 2010


(back in Montreal July 21! Until then i’m keeping these short…)

Sweltering Chengdu is a hot pepper fueled Herbal Medicine mecca and capitol of Sichuan province. I poked around it’s gigantic Chinese medicine markets obsessively, while being gawked at by the locals and making a few exciting herb purchases. The endless heaps of increasingly rare Tibetan Cordyceps was a stunning, if completely unaffordable, highlight. The food here is always fantastic – if you can handle serious heat, and there is superb and very affaordable Tuina massage everywhere.

Two hours by bus takes us to the famed Daoist mountain and region of Emei. Beautiful scenery here – the real life inspiration for so much Chinese artwork. Unique landforms and flora that when rendered by an artist appear stylistic rather that realistic to the non-Chinese eye. Well here they are.
Emai has it’s own prominent local herbal specialities that grow in it’s unique ecology, some of which I know well, and others which were difficult to find any information on at all.
The mountain is spackled with Daoist temples all the way up to it’s peak. One temple today, more tomorrow…

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