China Trip Countdown!

Posted on June 11, 2010


Just a reminder that I will be off to China from June 26 to July 21!

I’m very excited! Confirmed destinations within China include Shanghai and the world EXPO, Beijing, and parts of Sichuan province. While I am probably most excited to EAT my way around China, there will definitely be some serious herb shopping and traditional medicine sampling as well.

That said, this is your final opportunity to book sessions with me before I leave. I have a few spots still available.

Also, I will be placing an order from my Reishi supplier which will arrive before I depart.
For any of you wishing to try this revered longevity herb, this is an chance to get the best quality at a near wholesale price. Reishi is one of the few herbs I would recommend to almost everyone as the ultimate protector and balancer. A well documented modulator of the immune system, inflammatory response, blood sugar, platelet aggregation, stress responses, and other key “roots of disease”, this woody polypore “mushroom” is so exalted in traditional Asian medicine systems that it is said to actually “impart wisdom” to the user.
After using Reishi personally for almost a decade now, I have found what I believe to be the best quality Reishi in a capsule format at the most reasonable price, directly from Hong Kong.
I cannot get this product all the time at this price so please take advantage of this time sensitive opportunity. Tuesday June 15 is the deadline for ordering and prepayment.

return to
or book an appointment at 514-564-7847.

Hope to see you!

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