China trip, coming soon…

Posted on May 25, 2010


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For those of you who don’t already know i’m off to China from June 26 to
July 21! If you want to book some time with me before I go, now is the
time to do it. And be sure to stock up on supplements as well so you
don’t run out – those must be ordered by June 18th to guarantee

My supplement mission: It is very hard to write
this without it sounding like just another sales pitch. My professional
focus is time I spend with clients, not the sale of supplements. But
with so much useless or even toxic product on store shelves and pyramid
marketing schemes for chemical cocktails and junk herbals, I feel driven
to educate people and at least ensure that my own friends and clients
receive the best products I know of. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. I
often send people to their closest health food store, pharmacy, or even
online to get certain products. But often it does matter. I want to
see results. Bottom line: I don’t care where you buy your products as
long as you are getting the real deal.

I am ordering from New Chapter this week, a company I wholeheartedly support. Whole food sourced nutrition and beautifully formulated herbals. Check them out at This may
be my last order from them before i’m off to China. You must place
your order by Thursday, May 27th to get in on this one.

Have a
great week!

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