Long Time No Blog?! …and some random cool.

Posted on March 19, 2010


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Yep, I am a bad, bad blogger! I have been completely absent for a few weeks and have not written the Mexican Street Food Survival guide as promised. The good news is that it’s not outright laziness or sudden abandon at the first sign of an early spring; it’s actual work, a nice mini-rush of interesting and challenging new clients. Ok, ok, maybe a little spring distraction as well. We had such a hibernation-gray couple of months that just passed, that the returning sun beaming through my window is definitely drawing me outside. I keep looking for any excuse to walk. “What! We’re out of toothpicks?!” I will try to be more regular here, I promise.

Random cool:

100 days of happiness. This is a sweet and candid twenty-something’s account of her innovative approach to mending a broken heart. At it’s core, this is precisely what more of us should be doing to scramble out of malaise, melancholy, or misfortunes: Writing and talking things out while breaking our patterns! (This is a key recommendation I make for so many of my clients.) She says:
All this is to say that I’ve been going through a long and painful break-up that started in early December and ended yesterday. I’ve been through breakups before, but this is a whole new kind of sad. I’m absolutely heartbroken and devastated that the relationship is over. I’m also really fucking tired of feeling sad, and would like to give happiness a chance to run the show again.

Here’s the project. For the next 100 days, I’m going to actively seek out things that make me happy. Every day, I’m going to take part in one activity whose sole purpose is to make me feel fantastically fucking gleeful. It might be something small, like a solo dance party to the Glee soundtrack (don’t judge me), or something bigger, like a totally ridiculous and indulgent purchase or a trip out of town.

Check it out.

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