Recent letter from a client…

Posted on January 28, 2010


Dear “Dr.” Pierre,
When you left the herbal mixture in our house, I was a little skeptical. [Would] it really work to lower blood pressure? I drank it every day due to my respect to you plus my appreciation that you made it very early in the morning on the day you left Montreal. Now I can tell you … the herbs work.

I [also] had sciatica in my left foot and leg plus two torn ligaments (the result of a bad fall). The left foot is icy cold when I go to bed every night. Four weeks after drinking the herbal remedy, my left foot is reasonably warm. This must be due to the improved blood circulation. I feel much more comfortable when sleep[ing].

Your superb knowledge in herbal medicine helped me. For that I am thankful.
AY, Montreal

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