More Mexico – and the Return to Montreal

Posted on January 17, 2010


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I had been meaning to post more here and get moving on scheduling workshops as soon as I was back from Mexico but I have been so busy! That’s what happens when you leave for 3 weeks. Between settling back in after the trip, work, study, social requests, family stuff, and a huge plant care session lasting 2 days, I have been swamped.

I had the last of my plants returned to me – they were all being taken care of by different people while I was in Japan. Along with the few returned to me, my cousin gave me a new mandarin orange tree grown from a seed by my grandmother! It’s about 7 feet tall almost touching the ceiling. I ended up re-potting about 10 of my plants and doing a much needed winter grooming session on all 35 (!) of them.

I find caring for plants or gardening to be one of the most grounding activities for me, and living in the city it represents one of the rare opportunities to get my hands in the dirt and “be with nature”. Even if it is just a pot in my downtown apartment, each plant for me is a little piece of nature that I am responsible for stewarding, and makes me feel more connected to everything.

So one big disappointment about an otherwise fantastic trip to Mexico is that I lost my camera on New Year’s eve and it had all my photos on it from the whole trip! I was hoping someone would find it for me after I left Puerto Vallarta but it seems to be actually gone forever. I had spent a lot of time taking pictures, many of which were supposed to end up on this blog. I also loved that camera – it served me well all through my travels of the past couple of years starting with Cuba.

So, I promised a Mexican street-food survival guide soon and that will be my next entry. I’m just waiting to see Yolaine’s trip pictures and hoping that there are some good shots of some of the incredible street-food we ate.

And, lastly there have been a lot of inquiries about when my Sunday meditation gatherings are likely to start again. Most likely Sunday, Jan 24, at 3pm will be the next one, but i will announce this formally when i’m sure.

Hope you are all having a great start to the new decade.
More soon…

Hibiscus Tea in Puerto Vallarta
by Yolaine

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