Back from an incredible time in Mexico.

Posted on January 4, 2010


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Just back to Montreal after an incredible 3 weeks in Mexico. Spent time in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guanahuato, and Puerto Vallarta. The trip ended with a big family New Year’s party in Puerto Vallarta with a total of 17 of my family members! Lots of fun. It’s not often that we all get together in one place.

Eventually I will get to some trip details that are actually relevant to this blog and post some photos, but for now I will just mention some highlights…

– Mexico City street food was the best food of the trip and the best Mexican food i’ve ever had! How do I eat street food while traveling and not get any unpleasantness down below? Tune in next time…

– Oaxaca is a fantastic region to visit, very tourist friendly yet still very Mexican. The city features lots of street festivals and parades leading up to Christmas. Also a great place to eat good food. Many local specialties including mole, the famously complex Mexican special sauces made with a long list of ingredients including chili peppers of varying intensity, nuts, other spices and even cocoa. Lots to do in the region especially for ecotourists and adventuring. Lots of specialized artisans offering high quality weaving, sculpture, pottery, etc.

– Guanahuato is a stunningly beautiful small city nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains a few hours drive East from Guadalajara. The very dense packing together of buildings as the city grew and the fact that everything is on a hill make for some very unusual architecture and urban planning including some underground streets, steep mountainside neighborhoods with traditional brightly painted houses connected only by zigzagging pedestrian alleyways and staircases.

– Wealthy Puerto Vallarta looks more like California that Mexico with it’s WalMarts, American Restaurant chains, and luxury hotels and condos lining the endless beach. Everyone speaks English things are too clean. Highlights here included sneaking into a circus and petting a baby tiger, endless (excessive?) partying with my family, and a midnight swim in the churning Pacific on New Year’s eve.

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