Off to Mexico Dec 9th! Plans for 2010…

Posted on December 2, 2009


return to
or book an appointment at 514-564-7847.

Please note; I will be leaving for Mexico on December 9th and returning at the beginning of January 2010.
Noon tomorrow (12pm Thursday Dec 3) is the deadline for ordering any you require supplements before I leave.
I will still be checking email but not phone messages during this time. Please be patient as I will have limited internet access.

Workshops/Socials for 2010,
any workshop can be booked at your convenience…
377 Sherbrooke West, corner Av Du Parc,
IMPORTANT Access Details:
external door code 0377, then dial 130 on the intercom, when buzzed in go to third floor, suite 303.
If all else fails call 514-564-7847

Meditation Outside the Box

upcoming: Sunday Dec 6, 3pm (probably will be continued every Sunday – starting in January.)
RSVP required.

Meditation without rules or dogma. What do all meditators share regardless of religion or culture? Improvements in health, wellbeing, creativity, mindfulness, self awareness, and the protraction of time. Learn the core method and purpose behind meditation.
30 minute group meditation followed by tea, possibly snacks, and informal discussion.
I hope to make this a regular Sunday event.

$2 – $5 optional donation requested.
Please arrive between 2:45 and 3:15.
You must arrive by 3:15 to participate.

The SOUP of Life, soup making workshop
Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian versions available
re-book at your convenience

It’s Soup season! Soup is cheap, simple, and healthy! For so many people and cultures around the world Soup is so much more that just an appetizer. A well made soup is a traditional nutritional powerhouse, often able to sum up the flavor profile of a particular region or culinary tradition, and is often essential for survival in the diets of those cultures who have learned to live well in the icier latitudes. Soup is comfort, sustenance, and medicine.
3 hours of Soup:
Learn to build a delicious soup from the ground up with no recipe. Learn the basics of a traditional broth and why its worth the effort. Learn why a good soup is real medicine and how to enhance this aspect. Oh yeah, and we’ll be eating soup too!

$25 per person, minimum 4 people.

Integrating Superfood: Beans, Lentils, and Whole Grains
a Vegetarian workshop
re-book at your convenience

How to prepare and best enjoy the food combination that sustains humanity. Discover what traditional food-cultures all over the world already know; why legumes and grains together are one of the the most balancing, nourishing food combinations you can choose, and how you can prepare them deliciously, cheaply, and organically to suit your taste. The myth that beans cause farting; why only improperly prepared beans have this noxious effect.

$25 per person, minimum 4 people. 3 hours.

Transformative Breathwork workshop, gateway to your subconscious.
De-bug your programming. Breathing techniques similar to those used in some modern psychotherapeutic techniques as well as numerous spiritual traditions from around the world, induce an altered state which acts as a path to improved self-awareness, deep introspection, and personal problem solving. Surprising results.

$25 per person, minimum 4 people. 2 hours.
Private breathwork sessions can also be arranged.

Crazy Winter Hikes on Mount Royal
Jump into Winter! Looking for activity partners for deep winter hikes through the back trails of Mt. Royal. 2-4 hours. Free!

More to come…

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