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Posted on December 2, 2009


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More on why I choose to distribute New Chapter products…
From the New Chapter website:

We Believe In the Power of Whole-Food.
New Chapter supplements and herbs are whole-food complexes, not synthetic chemical isolates like most other supplements. The advantages of a whole-food complex vs. synthetic chemical isolates are significant:

1. Your body accepts New Chapter’s whole food vitamins, minerals and herbs easily and absorbs them readily.
2. New Chapter’s whole food complex vitamins and minerals are rich with naturally occurring phytonutrients that deliver the full spectrum of nature’s benefits.
3. New Chapter’s whole food complex vitamins and minerals work in harmony with your body’s natural chemistries – not on your body, like synthetic chemical isolates.
4. Because our vitamins and minerals are delivered as a recognized food, your body understands what to do with them; a natural life process perfected over thousands of generations. Chemical isolates force their way in, and attempt to “tell” your body what do with them.

To us, it’s a simple whole truth: we prefer the real thing to a synthetic version of the real thing.

The Milligram Myth
You might assume 200 mg of a nutrient are always better than 50 mg, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because the milligram count is a measure of weight, not usefulness.

Take, for example, Vitamin C. As a whole-food complex transformed through fermentation it’s far more useful to the human body than the chemically isolated ascorbic acid found in synthetic supplements and multivitamins. Why? Because your body won’t fully recognize and absorb all of the synthetic Vitamin C.

So, in conventional supplements, many of the ingredient “milligrams” listed on the back label may pass right through your body, potentially reducing their benefit.

When it comes to New Chapter vs. chemical isolates, we find that Nature’s “less” is almost always more.

We Deliver The Whole, not just the part.
Most supplements, even many that claim to be ‘natural’, isolate out a single vitamin or nutrient and then create a synthetic version of it – a ‘homeless molecule’ that’s missing the beneficial, powerful, natural chemistries found in the whole of nature’s source.

At New Chapter, you get the full benefit of the ‘whole’ natural source. It’s all about how the nutrients are delivered, and we deliver them in a whole-food complex.

Our commitment to organic ingredients is unwavering.
New Chapter is the first brand in the world, which we know of, to deliver a full line of whole-food complex vitamins, minerals and herbs certified to be made with organic ingredients.


1. We believe the natural purity of organic ingredients is better for you.
2. We believe organically grown ingredients are better for the environment.

Many New Chapter products are certified organic, and most contain organic ingredients — grown without genetic engineering, added chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

In fact, we grow organic turmeric and ginger on our very own certified organic and biodynamic farm in Costa Rica.

We use organic ingredients as often as possible, and source only from farms and growers who meet our rigid standards. We work with organizations like The Organic Center and also look to increasingly promote organic sustainability in the world’s agricultural practices.

We think your body will benefit from the difference organic makes. And we’re proud of our place within a re-emerging organic world.

Cultured in Probiotics
Our vitamins and nutrients are cultured in probiotics — the healthy, beneficial, naturally occurring bacteria that every body requires for life. Some “fermented” foods and beverages you may be familiar with, such as yogurt, kefir, red wine and sauerkraut, exist because of the presence of probiotics.

We live in an increasingly “anti-biotic” culture, where we attempt to kill off all that may potentially harm us (with antibiotics applied broadly to our daily medicines, to our poultry, to our dairy cows, and to our farm animals). While antibiotics can save us when we’re sick, they’re also highly effective at killing many of the organisms our bodies need to survive.

Probiotics, on the other hand, promote life. They are the beneficial bacteria that not only transform basic nutrients into powerful, life-giving nourishment, but also activate the body’s natural chemistries that support our health. The problem is, most [of us] don’t consume nearly enough probiotic-rich, whole food.

New Chapter nutrients are a probiotic powerhouse
Appreciating the importance of probiotics, the life-enhancing power inherent in New Chapter nutrients becomes more clear. When you consider that New Chapter is one of the very few supplement companies in the world to actively culture its nutrients in probiotics, the New Chapter difference becomes obvious.

Chemical-Free Herbal Extraction
When it comes to herbal therapeutics, New Chapter is committed to producing extracts without the use of chemicals. Unfortunately, many supplement makers extract their herbs using high heat and harsh industrial solvents like hexane and acetone. We’ve never done this, and we never will.

We have several issues with chemical extraction:

1. Chemical extraction literally strips away the beneficial wholeness of nature, reducing the effectiveness and intelligence of the herb.
2. You’re ingesting something that’s been awash in industrial chemicals used in dry cleaning, and to make things like varnish, paint thinner, nail polish remover and glue (we only wish we were kidding).
3. The use of high heat reduces the vitamin, mineral and nutrient content of the healing herb, just as it does when food is overcooked.
4. Do we all really need more chemicals impacting our foods?

The entire New Chapter product line can be ordered through me.

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