Delicious Healthy Fish turned into Industrial Pork?

Posted on November 21, 2009


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Fish doesn’t just feed humans. Millions of tons of fish are fed every year to chickens, pigs, and even farmed fish even in the midst of rising concerns over fish stocks collapses around the world. Finding an alternative to fish as livestock feed would go a long way toward preventing the collapse of fish populations worldwide according to a new paper in Oryx. ….” read more. From, one of the world’s most popular environmental science and conservation news sites.

When is the last time you saw a pig go fishing? I’m pretty sure that pigs should not eat fish, usually. (See photo) Just like feeding cows grain instead of grass, or feeding chickens other chickens, these unnatural practices make sick animals. Beyond the risk of directly encouraging the evolution of mutant bacteria and viruses, eating sick animals is not very good for us, period.

Anchovies, along with sardines and other similar fish at the bottom of the food chain and still fairly abundant in our oceans, also happen to be precisely the kind of fish we should be eating for both health and sustainability.

What are the best fish to eat? Sea Choice is a straightforward look at what’s sustainable. Environmental Working Group has a bunch of great articles covering both health concerns regarding certain fish and sustainable choices.

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