Finally, Sugar Free Ketchup!

Posted on October 22, 2009


I love ketchup – but I have always tried to limit my use because of the massive amount of sugar it contains. Nothing beats the zing of plain old ketchup on my (oven-baked) fries or a (grass-fed bison) burger. I think many of us have a childhood association with ketchup as well that makes it even harder to give up.
Finally someone is making healthier option, an organic and sugar-free ketchup sweetened with agave nectar.
Agave cactus is the primary ingredient used to make tequila, and the sweet syrup extracted from the agave cactus is one of my favorite sweeteners. It has a very low glycemic index, which means it is a very slowly metabolized carbohydrate which will not create sharp increases in blood sugar or insulin. When advising clients on sugars and sweeteners, agave nectar makes my “recommended” list, even topping honey, maple, cane juice, and other popular “healthy” sugar substitutes.
Organicville organic sugar-free Ketchup is now available in some Montreal health food stores. If you cant find it, ask for it, even in your regular grocery store. Making these products visible and available is good for everyone’s health.Sugar-Free Ketchup
What’s the big deal about sugar? Find out in my next blog entry; Sugar; Sweet Poison.

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