Cooler temperatures, the big move, and Burning Man!

Posted on September 19, 2009


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Hi Everyone!
I hope the summer has been good to you!
I have been neglecting my blog and email updates a bit, but i’m back!
A lot of big news on my end…

I am slowly settling in after moving into a great new office and home at Sherbrooke and Park.  My new office number is 514-564-7847. Update your contact information please!

With barely enough time to unpack my boxes I was off to New York City, Las Vegas, and then the final destination, BURNING MAN! (see; The drive from Las Vegas to BM was magnificent. We zig-zagged north across the Nevada/California border, even managing to get a flat tire in Death Valley! BM was a completely surreal experience! So many interesting alternative-thinkers in one place, a completely other-worldly landscape, wild art, crazy costumes, interesting installations and temporary building designs. So many surprises and nice people. One of the most interesting aspects was the so-called gift-economy structure. Nothing can be bought or sold. With a little effort you can find almost anything you need either for trade or completely free. My own contribution to the local economy was herbal medicine; a particular blend of herbs for extreme heat and dryness, as well as some of my best American White Ginseng, which provides exactly the right kind of cool, moist energy needed in desert conditions. People were very receptive. The climate at BM can be quite challenging, but the effort is entirely worth it.
I even managed to find some great acupuncture there which did wonders for some back pain I had been having from the long drive.
Burning man is an experience worth having at least once in your life. I have attached some photos below.

So, I am now firmly back in Montreal, taking clients, and looking forward to the changing of the leaves. The slight drop in temperature is also the time when I start thinking about gently shifting my diet towards better tolerating the cooler temperatures of Autumn and Winter. My herb and supplement choices also begin to shift.  (For example, for me, a key herbal modification will be to discontinue cooling and moistening American White Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) and replace it with the more warming and resistance-building effects of other “ginsengs”, Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) or Dang Shen (Codonopsis pilosula) along with others.)  Understanding my individual Constitution and eating an appropriate seasonal diet has been likely the most important factor in staying healthy through Montreal’s intense seasonal changes. This includes avoiding colds, flus, and the H1N1 virus that everyone is panicking about! (Ironically panic, fear, and worry all suppress the immune system.) When the immune system is strong and balanced, we are resistant to most pathogens that might com our way under normal circumstances. Knowing your individual Constitution and how to manage it is one of the keys to solid lasting health in changing situations, climates, and seasons.  …Oh yeah, and relax, breath, and have fun!

And lastly, an invitation on very short notice! I am off to the Montreal Jardin botanique tomorrow (Sunday the 20th of Sept/09) for the “Cercle des Mycologues” annual meeting. (Mushroom Hunter’s Club!) I am not a member yet, but there should be a lot of interesting stuff to see! I am a huge fan of both medicinal mushrooms and edible ones, as many of my friends and clients know very well. Anyone interested in heading over there with me or meeting up there should email me before about 10 am or call me at 514-564-7847.
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Hope to see you there!

Pierre Black

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