Some Recent Client Feedback

Posted on July 25, 2009


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Pierre, I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling great. I’ve been taking the [herbs you suggested] everyday.
I ran a half marathon two weeks ago in 1hour 37 minutes, which was 10 minutes faster than my last one. I’ll let you know how the marathon goes as well. I think you totally rock…
– T.C. Montreal/Seoul, Korea

Hi Pierre, …Your influence on my eating and health has been significant. The [personalized meal supplement formula] worked so well that I have been having it for breakfast every single day without fail since then!
I now weigh 77kg down from an average of 82kg. I was about 79 when I left Japan if you remember.
I am eating a heap of ginger and cinnamon and I think I consciously think about hot/cold type foods whenever I eat. …
– Jared F., Australia

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