Reducing Cellphone Dangers

Posted on July 23, 2009


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As a follow up to my little rant on the often conflicting media information regarding cellphone health risks (see my blog July 20, 2009), here is a short overview of my opinion on the matter and the clearest means to protect yourself.

I believe there is a fairly serious health risk posed by cellphone radiation, a risk that increases with exposure time, frequency, and proximity of the phone to your head during use. The least disputable and most serious effects of concern; There is substantial evidence that exposure damages DNA and creates free radical damage in human cells. Both these contribute cumulatively to cancer risk and functional damage to specific organs especially the most sensitive brain, eyes, ears, and reproductive organs. The primary reasons for disagreement or contradictory information is because, most simply stated, not enough people have cancers yet that can be irrefutably linked to their cellphone use. (Asbestos, Tobacco, and Thalidomide are all great examples of how we can expect the process to go.) I am convinced this will happen in the next decade or two.

I also theorize that cellphone use may be a major co-factor in a number of modern mystery syndromes such as chronic fatigue, memory and sleep disturbances, and certain autoimmune issues. (based on DNA damage, nerve/neuron damage, and altered melatonin levels) This is something that mainstream medicine is unlikely to pinpoint in it’s linear and reductionist view since the correlation is indirect and cellphone use is likely one in a plethora of inadequately understood contributing factors present in modern life.

So, what can we do about this?! I mean, I need my cellphone like everyone else, right? I’m not kidding, I still have a cellphone, and I have no intention right now of getting rid of it. Like a lot of you, I can’t imagine life without it. Conversely, this feels like a handicap of sorts. I feel funny if I go out without my phone. Am I a victim of consumer-culture? Have I been fooled? Do I really need this technology? And further, is it really good or healthy to always be reachable? (hmmm… another factor in low grade stress; stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, increased cortisol and adrenaline production, raised blood pressure, interference in digestion, nutrient assimilation, cardiac rhythm, contraction of smooth muscle, resistance to natural circadian changes in brain frequency…)

Some Practical Tips:
– Get a headset! Even just a small change in distance from your brain reduces your risk.
– Use the handsfree or speakerphone function if a headset is not available.
– Antioxidant supplements are very likely to reduce the risks associated with free radical damage from cellphones and other sources. Never in the history of human evolution have we been exposed to the same levels of free radical initiators, both chemical and energetic, as we are currently. Unless you eat berries and very dark green vegetables every single day, most of us should be on an antioxidant supplement of at least Vitamin E, C, and mixed carotenoids (non-toxic plant-sourced Vitamin A). (I strongly recommend a food based supplement, not a chemical isolate “drug store” vitamin.) Other antioxidants and polyphenols may also be helpful, but should be chosen for your individual situation.
– Have a land line. Many people these days have just a cellphone and no regular telephone line. Better yet, consider getting rid of your cellphone if your lifestyle allows it. Always make longer calls on a land line.
– Even cellphones on standby, turned on but not in use, emit powerful radiation. Keep your phone as far away from you as possible when not in use. Don’t sleep next to your phone. Try to carry your phone as far away from your head and genitals as possible.
– When going out ask yourself if you really need your phone on this particular outing. Especially for short trips. Who knows, you might actually enjoy being unreachable for once. That’s what answering machines are for.
– If you have cancer in you family or have major risk factors such as previous or ongoing toxic exposures, this should increase your concern about cellphone use. Broad anti-cancer diet and lifestyle modification may be advisable including supplements and herbs known to reduce your risk.

My goal is not to alarm but to inform. While it is impossible to eliminate all the toxic factors in modern life, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the most deleterious of them. Get informed, or get help. This is one service I offer my clients – detoxing your life through an informed examination of your cosmetics, household products, use of technology, air and water quality. Simple changes with big results for your health, safety, and the environment.

Wishing you a happy healthy summer!

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