Finally we know! Cellphones safer than tricycles, and more dangerous than apples…!?

Posted on July 20, 2009


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Another cellphone danger article this time from Scientific American. Another addition to the constant stream of media pieces interpreting all the concrete scientific evidence that proves that cellphones are not definitively not safe. Got it?
More say-a-lot without saying anything useless article, likely intentionally biassed toward inconclusivity since it would be such a revolution to declare such a ubiquitous technology unsafe. Big media must always strike a careful balance against big business, or rather megalithic business, as in the case of the almost 79 billion dollar (US) cellphone industry – It probably makes media tread very carefully. I think if some studies lean toward not so safe and others are inconclusive, I would prefer to err on the side of caution especially when Brain Cancer is in the equation! A huge body of suggestion and anecdotal evidence makes it seem quite reasonable for me (or anyone) to consciously reduce my cellphone time and use a headset. If you have not really been paying attention to this issue and live with your cellphone glued to your face, have a look at this… watch the videos here;
Some of the information here was new to me, the dangers of cellphone towers, other health concerns, options to protect yourself, etc. More articles of interest can be found with a quick search on “cellphone dangers”.

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